Welcome to the Dandy Ducks Club.

Our algorithmically generated ducks are dandy, dangerous and dope. Join our metaverse adventure and enter the DandyDucks owners club. Yachts and Bugattis included. Mint your duck and become a member.

Minting ended on: 31 August 2021. 3pm UTC.
Total: 850 Ducks.
Price: 0.03 ETH each.

TOTAL DUCKS MINTED: 850 Get your DandyDucks on OpenSea

Mission & Roadmap

We at Dandy Ducks Corporation believe that the DandyDucks Club is a long term project.

Aug 25th, 2021 : Initial release of the DandyDucks. Only 850 unique Ducks were minted making it a very scarce and collectible NFT. A vibrant discord community forms around the project.

September-October+, 2021 : Epansion of DandyDucks universe. Holders of DandyDucks are members of the exclusive DandyDucks Club which allows them for free airdrops, early access and pre-mints of the DandyDucks universe expansion pieces.

The expansions will include (but not limited to): new environments, DandyDuck-based NFT-games, contract-based interactions between DandyDucks and more. Our metaverse will be largely based on our community needs.

Q4, 2021 : DandyDucks merch. Our dandy community deserves the most dandy clothes.

Dandy Ducks Traits

Our 850 ducks have been algorithmically generated out of millions of possibilities. All of them are dope... but some of them will contain rare and ultra-rare traits. A true collector's gem.